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There IS Such A Thing As Free Money & It Doesn’t Get Much
Better Than Free Money From The United States Government.
And Our Users Who Are Now $2,468,029.76 Richer Agree.

No, that's not true. 
Actually, yesterday there was 11 people. 
In fact, I have a ton of people right now who’ve done
well over six figures. 
Made over six figures, straight into their pockets. 
Just from using this system –

With no selling / sales skills / techniques required.
If you are remotely interested in making money,
real money, right away –
I've never seen anything from anybody, including myself,
that's put this much money into that many people's pockets.
This is a real, undiscovered gold rush. No joke. 
Let me show you.
But first, let me introduce myself. 

In my 20+ years in the industry, I've worked in every possible role in marketing and sales. I now actively run a successful 7-figure agency and am an 8-figure affiliate marketer. All this while being a loving husband and father to four kids, and proudly serving my community as a representative on the Board of Education for my county.

You Can Do This From Anywhere In The World:

The incredible thing about this opportunity is that you can do it from anywhere in the world! Even though this is a US program….

It doesn't matter where YOU live – You can help US businesses & profit with RPS Express!

And It DOESN’T Require ANY Selling Experience.
In Fact, No Selling is Required. At All.

Succeeding with what I’m about to
show you doesn't require any sort of,
selling skill.

It’s basically giving away free money
without any stress and very little effort.

Not All Opportunities Are Equal.
And This One Definitely Isn’t.

Now and again an opportunity comes along
that changes your world forever.
These opportunities involve you being in the
right place, at the right time – with something
that ISN’T hard for you to do.

With a limitless opportunity, at a limited time,
that EVERYONE wants and needs.

This is one of those perfect times.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

But First, Before I Show You How Easy It’s Going
To Be, Let’s Talk About Why You Deserve
Paydays Like This:

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Listen to Charlie as he talks about us

woodrow recommends you to
get on this launch!

No Matter What You Do Now, You Need Your
Own Gig. You Need To Be In Control Of You
And Your Family’s Future.

I had a corporate job. I got paid, I got a good salary.
But you know what? I got rushed to the hospital.
I was in bed actually at 5:00 AM on Memorial Day.
I was 33.

I didn't know what the pain in my chest
meant or down my left arm.

I got rushed to the hospital. I spent three weeks in cardiac ICU at just 33.

(I was in pretty good shape too, by the way).

And That’s Not The Only Time I Worried
For My Family’s Future

Despite having a ‘safe’, ‘comfortable’, ‘normal’ job.
I lost my job three times. And it wasn’t for
sucking at it.

If you've lost your job at least once, been laid off,
taken voluntary redundancy…

If you’ve ever gotten fired because your manager
was a jerk. You hated your job? Have you ever been
let go because you're actually a performer?

What If You Lost Your Job Now?

Or You Had To Spend Your Retirement Funds
On Healthcare? What Would It Do To You And Your Family?
For Your Future? For Your Plans, Hopes, Dreams?

I managed to get laid off with 10,000 other people at Xerox.
Then I got laid off via voicemail on my honeymoon.
Have you ever been in a job and thought – ‘They love me.
They're always gonna take care of me?’
Sorry to tell you. But you’re so expendable.
Even when you set records, the perfect employee
– you're expendable.

And if they can find an excuse as to why
you're not, you're expendable.

All it takes is one of their sons to want your position or one
of their family members. Or the friend of a friend?
And it's true in corporate, it's true in retail, restaurants,
automotive, it's true in every sector.
Enough's enough, at some point you need to say
‘it's over. I'm done’.

I knew I needed my own gig. And so should you.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

What I’m About to show you, isn’t just a safety blanket, It’s a whole
New Level Of security and a step to financial freedom.

With NO Work Required For Them (And VERY Little For You!)
And Your Reward Is HUGE

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

Bud and Claire's Testimonial

Ron and Kimberly Olson Testimonial

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

That's real.

This money tree delivers the number one thing
every business wants. They want it and they
need it. It's the one thing they want more of
than anything else.

More than being number one on Google. More than a five star reputation.

More than a kick ass website, or an endless
stream of new leads…

More than anything. You know what they want?

I know it, you know it. More Than Anything. They
want money. COLD HARD CASH. Cash flow. Dollars.

And you’re going to be the one to hand it to them on a silver platter.
AND they’re going to reward you HANDSOMELY for it.

 Simply Be The Person Who Tells Them About It.
We’ll Do The Rest & You Pocket The Commission.

Imagine if you could get free money by giving away free money to business owners
who don't even know about this programme.
Or they heard about it, but they thought they weren't qualified.
(Because they originally were not. But now they are. But nobody has told them they are!)

All you need to do is tell them about it and get them to fill
in a 9 field web page. We’ll do the rest.
And you pocket the commission.

And because you’re helping small businesses not leave money on the
table – They’re going to love you.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

Richard Bannister's Testimonial

Robert Kole's Testimonial

I know you have some sort of side hustle you’ve
either started or planning to start…

Whether you do reputation management,
social posting, video creation, FB ads…
Whatever you're doing, this will open the door for you to absolutely walk in

It's a Trojan horse.
You're giving away free money.

The little Asian restaurant that I go to in
Tennessee now would pretty much listen to
anything that I've got…
Now that I’ve pocketed her $71,000 using RPS.

They’re People You Bump Into
& Interact With Every Day…

Whether it’s the little Asian restaurant I’ve
helped get $71,000 (put it this way, I don’t have
to pay for my prawn crackers!)

Or the churches that Herb Rawlings has been
helping… In the last couple weeks, Herb’s helped 3
churches bag more than $1,000,000 using RPS.

One of  them got $590,000, I think his
own church got $227,000.

Another was a church a friend of his went to and they got $300,000+

Gary has Helped Local business claim over $4,000,000
with RPS while making a LIFE CHANGING amount of commission

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

Marcus's Testimonial

Jovan Williams Testimonial

What You Actually Get Paid. You
Get A MONSTER Referral Fee.

They don't know how to recover these profits themselves. And some of them don’t even know they can. So simply for passing them onto us – you get paid a monster referral fee.

Which is usually 30% of the payout

You don't have to do any accounting work. (We have our own certified accountant.

You don’t have to do any of the form filling. (We do all that for you).
You don’t have to communicate with the government (No one wants to do that!)

Basically – you connect business owners with a very real rebate check from the US Government. And you get paid for every deal that you complete!

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

Greg's Testimonial

John Holland's Testimonial

The average rebate check is $145,000-$155,000. The average member like you makes between $2800 and $7000 on those “average deals”.

That's on average. That's counting all the $20,000 deals and
all the million-dollar deals.

Because, trust me, we're seeing both come flying in.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

How many of these do you need a month to change your life?
How many of these commissions do you need a month to
change the way you live starting today?

There’s No Problem
Getting Clients.

No more excuses, no more obstacles.
There's no struggle at getting clients.
Both us and our early users have had no struggle getting clients.
I got four clients by lunchtime this morning.
Now I didn't sell anybody. I didn't take any money.
Remember I'm giving them money. No paid traffic, no headaches whatsoever.
They all want what you have to offer. And they want it now.

In A World Where Every Sales Pitch Sounds The Same -
It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than Free Money From
The United States Government.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

Everywhere You Go On An Everyday Basis
is Money Waiting To Be Had.

You’re going to walk into a restaurant or a bar in the next 14 days and realize you're walking into one of the hottest niches out there for this exact service?

You might speak with a plumber, an electrician, or any other sort of business out there?

You might go get your oil changed. Or get some service work done on your car.

You might go and get your haircut…Or pop to the DIY store,
Every single thing you do, every day –
You’re going to be bumping into a lead.
A lead that can pay you big time.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For Just $297.00!

Hear What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

Donald's Testimonial

Mickey's Testimonial

Low Hanging Fruit Is
HUGELY Profitable.

I'm just gonna go ahead and give y'all a little insider information.
A bit of an unfair advantage right away.
Restaurants are low hanging fruit.
One person just like you told a restaurant he ate at regularly about RPS.
This was a restaurant with just four locations…and with just 11 employees.
RPS got this restaurant paid out $528,000.
The marketer like you made $9,900.
You would have made 10 grand for just submitting one lead.
Just for going for his weekly Indian meal

You've got a three year window right now to get all you can eat, all
you can stack away, all that you can put in places where money
starts making money for you.

Why You Need To Get Started

With This Right AWAy.

The government program that RPS taps into was designed to help businesses in the recovery of COVID.

Right now – the US government is paying out potentially millions of business owners that qualify! (We typically see 60-70% qualify)

For the next 18 months!

This is your chance to make as much money as you can. It’s an open goal. A genuine gold rush.

Get in. Do it now. And be one of the ones to say ‘I was there – and it changed my life’ – not one of the few to say ‘I wish’.

It’s All There For Your Taking - It Would
Be Impossible To Reach Saturation.

I know you might be a little concerned that this could get saturated?
It would be pretty darn near impossible.

Dozens and dozens of our members have submitted huge paying deals in the last 10 days…
And it hasn’t even scratched a tiny pixel of the surface of what’s available on this scheme.
Now is the time to strike.

Things are just getting started. It’s just getting ramped up and you need a piece of pie on the table.
There’s this small SaaS company in Tennessee. Only 19 employees.
The payout the government owed them was $398,000.
That would be you in for $9950.
That's 10 grand for helping one small business and getting your foot in the door to sell them additional services moving forward.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For

But this special offer is only available until midnight 22nd
And This Opportunity To Work With Us Is ONLY
Extended For This Time Only.

Right Now, You Can Get In To Profit With Us At RPS For :

RPS Express

You get leads. Now you can actually stop at that point, but we incentivize you to go a little bit further. If you
stop, our team does follow up and get supporting docs. However, we incentivize you to reach out to
your client, let 'em know who you are.

You're the liaison. You're who they go to and, and make a client. Let me tell you a couple reasons why.
One that way you can go to 'em if there's any kind of hiccups and slow it down the process. One, two, use this
giving away free money to establish relationships, to sell additional services to

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